2018 swimwear will be featured by an exuberant, audacious and rich-in-strength summer season. We will start with the most sophisticated micro and macro geometric prints and go through the marvelous saturated colours of the rainforest where bright colour hues are breaking through to reach a space without boundaries where everything is mixed up in an apparent but refined negligence, i.e. the modern version of the hippie universe. A world apart is instead addressed to the sporting flair, which is going to gain in vigour and room by contaminating even the most classical collections.

This is the outcome from the very first trend forecasting performed by Maredamare: a very reality-adhering scenario stemming from the combination of the experiences made by the most popular ‘bureaux tendances” with the realistic approaches of the brands involved.




A tribute to graphics and geometric patterns that make surfaces alive and where nothing looks as taken for granted. The source is minimalistic and unconventional, sometimes audacious. Micro and macro motifs which are wisely balanced as to make spaces more lively and vital; a sophisticated kind of luxury which is reached through the wise development of the most unusual geometries.


Seduction originates from sport energy. A sophisticated interpretation borrowed from the technical universe. Minimal graphics, color blocks or small and nearly unnoticeable all-overs that leave room to the performances of fabrics. Cuts are simple. Bikinis and one-piece bathing suits inspired by water and beachwear sports.


Nature explosion in its full power. Flora and fauna prints with saturated and majestic tones. A color universe seemingly crying out in joy. The place is just a symbol but details come across and draw attention thanks to their definition and content. Very precious paintings capable of enchanting even the most distracted viewer.


Nomad, rebellious and adventurous. A journey to faraway sun-burnt lands, a voyage to the discovery of signs and patterns borrowed from remote universes; the breathing of a distant world, the thrill of freedom, the deepest wish for exploration and knowledge. Seemingly impossible encounters arise from this idea as shy or audacious ‘mix and match’ however originating from sublime and sometimes disrespectful combinations and blending. Gipsy prints and abstract patterns blend with stripes and floral motifs.